Chuck the Plant Guy

Helping you to grow your plants successfully

Who is Chuck?!

Plants have been a part of my entire life. As a wee lad, I tended the family backyard vegetable garden and in high school I started my first business mowing lawns.

I completed my Master’s Degree in Botany in 1996 from Washington State University and have worked in ecological and botanical research for the University of Illinois – Chicago, Oregon State University, and the University of Montana.

Long ago I gained a lot knowledge working in commercial greenhouses and nurseries. But it was all my over 20 years experience in large, family-owned independent garden centers and nurseries where I really honed my skills helping others find happiness successfully growing and tending to their favorite plants.

These days I continue to learn more (it never ends!) as a gardening instructor / author and as a specialist in orchids, landscape design / maintenance, edible landscapes, backyard farming, and personalized garden mentoring.

My life mission is to help others solve their gardening dilemmas.

If you need someone to come to your home to assist you with your garden and landscape, orchids, or other plants, look under My Services. Fill out the brief questionnaire, and I will be happy to contact you.

May your plants be happy and your orchids rebloom! Chuck

Chuck McClung

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